A Rampant Hunger

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We could breath and it would last the full trip, so what the hell did we need the meeting for? The lead scientist cleared his throat.

Global hunger continues to rise, new UN report says

I had one of my underlings I stood straighter, my palms suddenly becoming sweaty. He wanted to talk with me? Yes, sir, I have the information. I peeled away from the wall, moved through the other nerds, and stood before Kael. Holy crap, he was even hotter up close.

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His skin was tanned perfection, and he had a few days of stubble on his jaw. Sorry, um, I adjusted the long-range sensors, and the planet appears to be ideal. It has plant life that produces oxygen.

How Hunger Fuels Crime and Violence in Venezuela

There looks to be a water-like substance covering forty percent of the surface. There are no life forms present. Screw it, I stayed where I was and started going right into the mechanics of it. I knew this ship well, better than that. I could run the entire thing by myself if I had to. If that asshole of a lead scientist thought he could push me out of the way, he was wrong.

I recited successful simulations and percentages, and I rattled off expected times as if I were in charge. It felt damn good to have a voice, especially to the stunning Colonel. He listened to my entire speech, nodding occasionally. When I was done, I stood in the center of the room, all eyes on me, and my backbone started to fold. I was shuffled aside, and the room was now echoing with weapon storage and assault tactics. Kael, would it be too forward to call him such? I hid my foolish grin as best I could, finding my way back to the wall. I spent the rest of the meeting watching my Colonel, day dreaming about him stripping before us so we could descend upon his hard cock like harpies.

When the meeting was over, I shuffled out the door and toward my small room. There were six bunks in there, and alone time was so rare it bordered on never. With everyone preparing for the arrival, I slipped in the door. I had planed to pull down my pants, let my primed cock spring free, and jerk off until a beautiful ribbon of cum sprayed across the floor. I had just placed my thumbs in the rim of my pants the intercom came on. I grumbled, making up pathetic curses in my head as I fumbled my way up to the top deck. The corridors were all the same, steel and lacking warmth. This particular deck opened up with a huge window-like structure for the Colonel.

It had a few big steel desks, weapons control, navigation and the like. Each step made my palms sweaty and my cock all the more insistent in my pants. I glanced around for the Colonel but found the lead scientist instead. He sneered at me, pushing his blond bangs out of his eyes. This guy had a serious problem. Either it was people in general or because he found out I like dick, either way, he could suck it.

I was called. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Enviar Fazer login Entrar.

Salvar para mais tarde. Criar uma lista. A Rampant Hunger de James Cox. Resumo How far would you go to save the man you love? This is a joke. Maybe these teachers should stay teaching in Venezuela for, say, a school year and see if they can survive.

100 Days in Appalachia

Shame on them. They should be supporting the starving teachers instead. For the first time, after 18 years as a CTU member, I feel ashamed and betrayed. To the CTU delegation that visit Venezuela, you need to educate yourselves before supporting a dictator. You look ignorant and made the rest of the membership look ignorant as well. What a disgrace! Students skipping school to scrounge for food and medicine. Substitutes with no teaching certificates. Schools taken over by pro-government militias for training.

Thanks, you just made teachers look ignorant…look at their country and their suffering…Then look at ours! I wonder if these folks even bothered to step outside of Caracas or other potemkin villages the government there has set up…. I would imagine they were kept on a very narrow path, so as to only see what the regime wanted them to. And they just took it all at face value like the useful idiots they are.

Andrew, you are a progressive who argues with substance instead of labels, unlike so many others. Glad to see we are on the same page on this. Did the Maduro regime show the gullible CTU members the very best dumpsters in Caracas to use for picking up dinner? With regards to the article: Why should I be surprised?

The social mental virus of socialism has spread its poison to academia which in turn has created zombie thinking teachers with too many monetary benefits and too little real life pragmatism. I have a friend who left his corporate career 20 years ago, in order to teach High School math and physics.

follow link He went to DePaul to get his teaching certification already had degrees in Math and Physics and took his only class in the Philosophy of Education. Once you understand critical pedagogy has been mainstreamed in our Colleges of Education for over 20 years, the abject failure of Chicago Public Schools to educate makes perfect sense. I feel sorry for the parents of the students who send their kids there. Theese teachers just want a minute of fame why they dont moove to venezuela to live if they so like the situation that the vevezuelan living they will be back in two weeks.

America may not be ready for Marxist socialism….

Bread For the World Sunday Followup

And funded by our fellow taxpayer in Illinois, Maduro and friends make even Bernie Sanders look moderate! Your suggestion to re-constitute the School system is a neat, clean way to cure the problem. Anybody listening in Springfield? Anybody care?? They paid their own way. But they nearly bankrupted themselves with their new building costs. CTU funded their new HQ with the proceeds from the sale of a Gold Coast apartment building they owned for decades.

CTU set up a separate entity to manage a building?? CTU set up a separate entity so they could pay neighborhood groups to protest alongside them…and build a new HQ. You can lease space there too if you want:. They should go. Is it common practice for union members to go on exotic business trips during contract negotiations?

Delegate Sarah Chambers is often titled as a strike captain, whatever that is.

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It started with one tip I received here from one of you commenters, pointing me to an obscure blog about it. We wrote about it here, sent it out to other sources, then it took off. I will write about this and identify our commenter if he wants. If you send your kid to public school, you are taking a risk on brainwashing.

No matter if it is the city or the suburbs. Homeschooling is going to take off. Or ship them all down there on a one way ticket. Sign me up for the WirePoints newsletter. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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