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Trying a local dish in any new country is always both challenging and exciting. Every so often, however, you encounter something that raises the bar to levels which you thought you may never encounter Read more. Having been assured of the freshest, tastiest ingredients by the enthusiastic waiters, my expectations were high for this local dish.

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My group of four opted to share two large cataplanas so we could try both the meat and seafood variations. The Algarve, where cataplana is most popular.

Algarve food and wine, Algarve villas dining

Photo: Alexandra Jackson. While we sipped red wine and picked at a basket of bread and warm butter, the waiters placed a small table next to ours. We watched in anticipation as they returned to the busy kitchen, alive with the sizzling of food. Delicious aromas traveled the distance to our table on the soft sea breeze, and within minutes we were greeted by a smiling waiter and a pair of huge, shiny copper dishes hinged like clamshells—the traditional cookware, also called cataplana, used to prepare this dish.

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He placed both down on the second table and warned us to steer clear of the billowing steam as he opened them, revealing an abundance of colors, textures, and mouth-watering smells. I was handed a large ladle, and with it the privilege of taking the first scoop of seafood cataplana. Large chunks of white fish, mussels, prawns, and squid poured into my bowl in a thick and creamy sauce.

Tasting the Cataplana and Algarve in Portugal

Lyric poetry still flourishes. The tendency of fiction has been away from the romanticism of the 19th and early 20th centuries and toward realism. Stormy Isles: An Azorean Tale. Censorship under the Salazar regime considerably stifled meaningful literary production.

Algarve, Portugal: 6 Things You Shouldn't Miss - Lost & Abroad

For further discussion, see Portuguese literature. Article Media.

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    Thank you for your feedback. Load Previous Page. Daily life and social customs Despite certain affinities with the neighbouring Spaniards, the Portuguese have their own distinctive way of life.

    Load Next Page. Toggle Navigation. February 26, If heading to Algarve, make sure not to miss these six things: pc: Bruno Carlos Benagil Cave Called the most picturesque cavern on earth by some, Benagil Cave is on many Algarve itineraries. Boat tour or kayak Opting for a boat tour allows for some of the most spectacular views of the coastline.

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    Sea caves and arches The unique coastline is what draws thousands of visitors to the region every year. Which of these would you like to experience the most? Share this Perfect timing for this post. Visiting Algarve this summer. Just what I needed. Great pictures! Algarve is such a beautiful region. Have a great trip! Sounds absolutely amazing!

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