Chasing Mavericks: The Movie Novelization

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SKU: product. With extra points and more cash to spend, this deal is seriously on point. Price Condition Seller info. Prev - out of. GAME Logo. Returns information Tech Support. Ways to pay. Email sign-up Sign up for the latest news, game releases and best deals. Sign me up. More from GAME. Representitive Example:. Representative At the age of six, Jay was running along a cliff when a massive wave came up, washing him under the cruel currents.

If it wasn't for one humble man nicknamed 'Frosty', Jay's journey would have never happened. Jay's life is spent training for the one opportunity to surf this wave, but he faced many challenges along the way. Jay lived with his mom in a small house and spent half his day working at 'Pleasure Pizza'.

The other half of the day was spent training with 'Frosty' for hours at a time. Although Jay faces problems socially to. His love life eventually comes through and he ends up marrying the 'girl of his dreams', Kim. Jay's education wasn't the best, as he commonly ditched school to 'get away' from life and collect himself. Lastly, Jay loses friends along the way to grades, drugs, and family. At the end of the novel, Jay concourse his goal and rides the massive wave in a strongly emotional and inspiring way.

Chasing Mavericks Official Trailer (2012) - Gerard Butler

Sadly, after marrying his girlfriend and ending up big in the surfing world, Jay dies while free-diving in the Maldives. I strongly recommend this book as well as the movie. It really was a great read. Jan 07, Matt Cassar rated it really liked it. This book was written very well. It was a true story turned into a book and a movie. It tells the story of a kid, who since he was eight years old, has wanted to get to know the man who saved his life and inspired him to surf. The story is not only about surfing, but the two characters building a relationship.

Both of these things have their challenges. Jay did not even know Frosty existed until that day.

Chasing Mavericks: The Movie Novelization

From that point on Jay was fascinated by him. Little did Jay know that he lived a few houses away from Frosty. After that Jay started surfing and when he was fifteen he was pretty good too. Then one day Jay saw Frosty loading a red surfboard into his van at four in the morning. He climbed onto the roof quietly and discovered something that was long held secret: Mavericks, Hawaii sized waves off the California coast.

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Then he finally agrees to train Jay if he is seriously committed. Obviously Jay was really excited but it had a lot of risks, such as skipping school, losing his job and even drowning. Anyone who is interested in surfing or surfs would like Chasing Mavericks.

This book was one of my favorites and I will probably read it again. It was inspiring how a kid with nothing was determined and became a legend. If you learn anything from this story it should be never give up. Jun 05, Sarah Collie rated it really liked it. I had caught soundless glimpes of the movie on a little grainy screen on a airplane, making a mental note to watch the full thing when I came home. I never did. But after seeiung the same title appear on a shelf at my local bookstore I smiled and thought.

I love movies based on books, I'll read it first then watch the movie! Which usallly turns out as horrible as it sounds. But thankfully this novilization proved me wrong! I adored it through and through, finishing it in less than 2 days.

‘Chasing Mavericks,’ by Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted

It was an inspiring, thrilling, relatable, admirable, emotional and romantic story. I still haven't gotten around to the movie yet but I'm even more excited now to watch it. I do recommend you read the book first before the movie however, watching the movie first may hinder the writing's integrity. In my copy one picture lead to a huge spoiler and I was quite upset about it. Nov 06, Jordyn Homer rated it it was amazing.

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The plot twists and exciting stories always kept me on the edge of my seat. In this book the characters experienced devastation, love, happiness and great friendships. Through out this book, the characters develop strong relationships, but most of all, you will develop an amazing relationship with the characters. You will feel like the characters are your own friends. The many challenges that the characters face will make you realize that anything is possible. This book is truly amazing. Chasing Mavericks is a true story about Jay Moriarity's amazing story of his quest to surf California's most dangerous and difficult waves.

Him and his mentor "Frosty" develop an unlikely friendship as they face their challenges and find out that Jay's nearly impossible dream can be achieved with hard work. This book has many plot twists but the most shocking one occurs at the end of the book when a devastating event happens to Jay. Although this event made me sad, it was this plot twist that made me appreciate the book even more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves surfing. Nov 24, Cole E rated it really liked it. Chasing Mavericks is about a boy named Jay Moriarity. Jay is a boy that never lets himself get down… he seems like he is always happy.

This is based on a true story. The book is taking place in Santa Cruz, California. One day when he was a counting the waves, he fell in.

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A man saved his life that day and he realized it was his neighbor. The person that saved his was Frosty. A world famous surfer who surfed gigantic waves. When Jay realized that he wanted to put his life to surfing. He asked Frosty if he would teach Jay how to surf and survive the waves. This led to a perfect bond between a young man and a famous surfer.

follow I would recommend this book to people who love the water and outdoors. If you are interested in reading a book about a boy who sets his goals and is dedicated to surfing. This book was touching because it was about a boy who grew up in poverty without a dad.