CIA Activities in Chile

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Bayramian ! This was the reason why USA were fearful, causing their involvement in Chile in the 70s. One emphasized on Chilean military and the other on political and constitutional routes on blocking Allende. They were called Track 1 and Track 2. As part of the track 1 program, CIA wanted Eduardo Frei, the current democratic president at that time before Allende was elected, to resign from his cabinet, form a new cabinet with military figures, and leave the country.


Via Roberto Viaux, a commander who had attempted to takeover in against Frei, their leader. They started asking US banks to suddenly halt renewal of credit to Chile, spreading rumors that Chilean building and loan associates were near bankruptcy, and pressuring US companies to announce that they were closing down their operations in Chile. Refer to Appendix A. This primary source is valuable with reference to its origin because it gives a narrow summary of events that happened in Chile which helps form a summary of the activities itself.

The CIA declassified this document in , giving them enough time to alter the document as they want it. In the document itself, many lines are covered in black strips.

This certainly limits the research due to the fact that some information is left out by the CIA. Kornbluh is the director of the National Security Archives Chile Documentation Project, led the campaign to declassify official documentation of the secret history of U.

This book has been a strong valuable secondary-source for this investigation because Kornbluh blends information from a variety of different sources, and uses this to establish outcomes. This secondary-source is also limited due to the fact that Kornbluh only uses primary sources and declassified sources that come from the CIA.

Is this what you want for Chile? The reduction in bank loans hurt Chile economically, leaving the people in poverty and leaving the government corrupted. These provoked the people for a new government, for a new president other than Allende. But, a communist regime in the western hemisphere was dangerous for the USA, and this is why they did everything to bring Allende down. They argue that Allende was also responsible for himself, not putting complete blame on the CIA. Funding the opposition groups such as Patria y Libertad, conveying propaganda using El Mercurio, and causing an economic blockade; every role that the CIA played in Chile, prepared the curtains for Allende.

The CIA shaped its incognito operations in such way to develop and worsen the economy, the politics , and the military to bring down Allende.

Two 9/11s, one story

June 20, Central Intelligence Agency. Last modified April 24, De la Barra, Ximena, and Richard A. Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Kornbluh, Peter. The Pinochet File. New York: The New Press, Phillips, David A. This is the story of what happened in Chile, and the secret part Australia played.

Owner of Chile’s El Mercurio admits pre-coup contact with CIA, denies cooperation

And I say to them that I am certain that the seeds that we have planted in the good conscience of thousands and thousands of Chileans will not be shriveled forever. Instead, he gave a farewell speech, broadcast on the last radio station still broadcasting. And I say to them that I am certain that the seeds that we have planted in the good conscience of thousands and thousands of Chileans will not be shrivelled forever. When troops entered La Moneda, they found the President dead.

He had shot himself the gun was a present from Fidel Castro rather than allow the military to arrest him. Chile had boasted a long and stable democratic tradition in a politically fragile region beset by civil war and dictatorship. But democracy was not to return for 17 years.

Declassifying U.S. Intervention in Chile | NACLA

President Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, had been nervous about Allende since well before his election in , as they knew his socialist policies would harm US business interests, like copper mining. But when it looked like he would win the presidential election, the agency stepped up its covert activities. He stood in the way of the military coup that the United States hoped would work as a last-ditch effort to keep Allende out of power.

2. Presidential Campaign of 1970

So in the lead-up to the elections, the CIA provided machine guns and cash to a group of plotters who planned to kidnap Schneider and send him to Argentina, leaving the way clear for a military takeover. But the kidnapping went badly wrong, and the General ended up dead.

The army, and Chilean society, upset by the attempt to destroy proper democratic process, rallied around Allende. He was elected on 4 September, Meanwhile, nervous that Allende had them under close watch and that he may close the US embassy, removing their cover, the CIA called on its friends and allies to help out. One of the things set to change was foreign policy. There are different accounts of what came next.

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Whitlam has said he was appalled at the news, and ordered the officers to be pulled out right away. But Robertson tells a different story. The Hope Report, named for the Commissioner, Justice Robert Hope, was, on the whole, sanguine in its attitude to spycraft:. Espionage is deceptive, covert, underhand. It is probably the second oldest profession in the world. The ASIS station in Santiago was concerned only with intelligence gathering via the agents handed over to it. Nothing new emerged with the declassification of thousands of documents by the Clinton administration in Suspected left-wing activists were rounded up and detained, and many of them tortured.

In recognition of the many Chileans who needed to escape danger at home, the Whitlam government, with bipartisan support, created a special program for Chilean refugees. Between and , about 6, Chileans were taken in, and hundreds more joined them as part of the family reunion program. The Chilean community in Australia is, like Chilean society, divided along anti- and pro-Pinochet lines.

Not everyone who arrived in Australia was a dissident seeking exile from the secret police. Victor Marrillanca, a former public servant and long-time broadcaster for Spanish community radio in Canberra, arrived as a refugee in They had the tickets, they had everything ready. Efforts to convict Pinochet for crimes committed under his rule never succeeded, and he died a natural death in , at age The former head of DINA, Manuel Contreras, is serving 25 sentences totaling years in prison for kidnapping, forced disappearance and assassination.

First, she was a secretary to one of the bureaucrats. Later, she jumped at the chance to move up, taking a course to become an intelligence agent. Adriana says she was never interested in politics — not before the coup, nor after. But she thinks Pinochet was a good president for Chile. Everything was calm. Many people died — it was a civil war. But disappearing the bodies — it makes my heart ache.