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Consider your brief or project aims. If so, why?

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How could the package be a part of the product? How could the package teach the consumer something about the product? What other purpose could the packaging serve? Case Studies.

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Material Choices. Waste Avoidance. Green Chemistry.

New Models. The power grid is the high-voltage backbone system of interconnected transmission lines, substations and related facilities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

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The system operator will provide central dispatch to grid-connected and embedded energy storage systems with material impact to the grid. This is in the interest of achieving economic operation and maintenance of quality, stability, reliability and security of the transmission system. Energy storage systems will also follow limitations relating to market share and bilateral contracts under Section 45 of Republic Act No.

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Under the circular, ESS technologies include battery energy storage systems that are capable of storing electric energy electrochemically from which they are able to charge or discharge electric energy. The other covered energy storage technologies are compressed air, flywheel and pumped-storage hydropower. Compressed air energy storage uses electric energy to inject high-pressure air containers. When electricity is required, the pressurized air is heated and expanded in an expansion turbine driving a generator or power production.

Electricity is extracted from the system by drawing down the kinetic energy from the rotor.

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Pumped-storage hydropower uses electric energy to pump water from a lower-elevation reservoir to one at a higher elevation. When required, the water flows back from the upper to the lower reservoir, powering a turbine with a generator to produce electric energy. The DoE said proponents may apply and register their energy storage systems for a number of purposes: provision of ancillary services; provision of energy through bilateral supply contracts or trading in the wholesale electricity spot market; and to manage the penetration of renewable energy.