Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

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This is our first clue this note may be bogus. As we read the ransom note, we find it doesn't make much sense. Line 2, "We are a group of individuals. Every group is comprised of individuals.

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The writer also states in lines 2 and 3 that they "represent a small foreign faction. A kidnapper would want to exhibit power over the Ramseys. The word "small" minimizes the kidnapper. The use of the word "foreign" sounds odd. Even if to us they are foreigners, they wouldn't call themselves foreigners. They would say something like, "We are the Islamic Jihad. In line 3, the writer states, "We respect your business. There is a reason why the writer included this in the ransom note.

If Patsy Ramsey was the author of the ransom note, she may have mentioned this to create distance between John's company and the investigation. She is protecting their source of income. At the very least, mentioning respect for his business tells us the writer knows something about John Ramsey and his business Access Graphics. If a psychopath who was infatuated with JonBenet killed her, I doubt he would mention respect for John Ramsey's business. The writer goes on to say in lines 3 and 4, "We respect your bussiness but not the country that it serves.

Most people would agree this crime is not an international incident. In line 3, the writer crossed out the beginning of a word. It appears that the first letter was a "d" and the second letter possibly an "o. The writer misspells two common words in lines 4 and 5, "business" and "possessions.

The two misspellings occur in the first paragraph. After that, the writer uses correct grammar except for using the article "a" when he should have written "an. The writer showed his true writing skills and forgot to misspell words throughout the note. In lines 4 and 5, the writer tells us "we have your daughter in our possession.

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A true kidnapper would have said, "We have your daughter. This wordiness shows us that someone was trying to make this look like a kidnapping. Kidnappers are greedy. A true kidnapper would demand much more money. The phrase "your account" is very interesting. First, as I previously mentioned a kidnapper would not tell you from where to obtain the money. If a kidnapper did write where to get the money from, he would probably say "the bank" and not "your account.

In line 10, the writer tells the Ramseys to "bring an adequate size attache to the bank. Likewise in line 13, it is doubtful that a kidnapper will tell you "to be rested" because the delivery process will be exhausting. As I previously mentioned, the word "attache" was written with an accent placed over the letter "e. It may have been used because the writer wanted the authorities to believe JonBenet was kidnapped by a "foreign faction. The other thing we have to take into consideration is that JonBenet's name was written with an accent.

Patsy Ramsey was accustomed to using the accent when writing her daughter's name. In examining the pronouns, we find this crime was not committed by a group. If you are writing for a group, you will have a group mentality. Your language will continually reflect there are several people involved.

In the first paragraph, five times the writer used a plural pronoun. However, in lines 11 and 13, the writer used the singular pronoun "I. We can easily see this was not a group effort. In lines 13 and 14, the writer states, "If we monitor you getting the money early. This is further emphasized in line 30 when the writer states, "You and your family are under constant scrutiny.

In lines 15, the writer used the word "hence. However, his educational level begins to show when he uses words such as "hence. In line 16, the writer crossed out the word "delivery.

He then realized that a kidnapper would not deliver the hostage but would tell the family where she could be found. Therefore, he changed it to "pick-up. This is a strong indication the writer was not a kidnapper. Unnecessary words are words that can be taken out of the sentence and the sentence still makes sense. The writer could have stated, "The two gentlemen watching your daughter.

What is the difference between "watching over someone" and "watching someone? If I say that God is watching over me, I visualize God keeping his distance. He sees me, but he also sees the entire world at the same time.

Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

He can see me because I am part of the world. While He is watching over me He is also watching over others. The word "over" means God is spreading His watchful eye upon the earth. However, if I say that God is watching me it becomes more personal.

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Even though He can see the entire world, He is focusing His attention on me. Another example would be if a friend asked you to "watch over" his house while he was out of town. In this case, he probably wants you to stop by every once in a while and make sure everything is okay. Maybe you will pick up his mail and water his plants.

Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? Quotes by A. James Kolar

However, if he asked you to "watch" his house he probably wants you to housesit. He wants you to be there where you can keep a close eye on things.

go site In a kidnapping, the kidnappers should be "watching" the abductee. They will want to keep a close eye on her. They want to make sure she doesn't escape or alert someone that she needs help. They will want to make sure she doesn't harm herself if her being alive is dependent upon them receiving the ransom. When the writer of the ransom note said they were "watching over" JonBenet, the writer was telling us they were not keeping a close eye on her.

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There are only two reasons why you would not closely watch your hostage: 1. If you knew for certain she was alright and could not escape; 2. If you knew she was dead. Since a dead body isn't going anywhere, it is something you "watch over. Line 19 continues on stating "The two men watching over your daughter do not particularly like you. A true kidnapper would not make the mistake of saying these gentlemen do like you.

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The sentence "The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them" is not very aggressive language. This would indicate that a woman wrote this note. Other statements in the ransom note such as "I advise you to be rested" also show a feminine touch.