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From finding shells on the beach to lively games of bingo with prizes! We may not have had snow on Christmas morning, but I felt the spirit of the holiday in everything we did. When you're young, life -- and especially the holidays -- are that simple. Home is that physical place where you gather with your family on Christmas morning to open presents that Santa Claus left under the tree.

Home for the Holidays (1972)

As we age, many of the people we spent those holidays with pass on, and we are forced to redefine what home for the holidays really means. Christmas is about finding what's holy in all of us. In the 16 years since my grandparents and father have died, I've approached the holiday season with mixed emotions.

While I enjoy Christmas carols, roasting chestnuts and the gift giving experience, I walk a tightrope, as I try to balance my joy for the season with my sadness of the years lost to memories.

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So, how do I cope when my childhood Christmas home seems a million miles away? To begin, I've adopted a new definition of home. Home does not have to be physical place. Sometimes it can come in the form of a family photo album, full of memories that remind you of happier times. Sometimes home is sharing stories about our favorite holiday moments, like the times my father would take my sister and me out to play outside after a huge blizzard and how my mom would have hot chocolate waiting for us when we came home -- freezing and covered in a layer of snow.

I've also tried to carve out new traditions and make new memories.

The Home - Home for the Holidays

One of my father's favorite activities was decorating the tree, so we've added a new twist on the tradition. We still put up a regular size tree, but we've added two tabletop trees. One sits on our kitchen table, and it's so calming to dim the lights and play a game around the glow of the evergreen. It's a small change, but it makes a huge difference in my holiday happiness quotient.

The other small tree sits on my mom's dresser in her bedroom, and when we watch TV in there every night, we can admire the pretty lights and ornaments; it makes everything feel more festive. For more opinion In a special way, these little tabletop trees have come to symbolize bridging the past and the present, a way to keep memories with my father alive, but also create new memories with my mother and sister today. As it is a common practice of the people in our country to visit their hometown and celebrate the special day with their family -- the demand for transportation services increase significantly in this particular period of the year.

Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays is Coming to Los Angeles!

You may have noticed that many people have started leaving Dhaka early just to avoid the rush -- no one wants to spend hours standing in a queue to get a ticket and then wait in traffic congestion on the highway, finally reaching their destination exhausted and fatigued. Given that we, the working people, only get a few days days of holiday during Eid, this is often quite an unfortunate state of affairs.

Every transportation system -- whether the bus, train, or launch -- is overloaded with people during the Eid holidays, and maintaining the immense demand with good quality service is always a challenge for our service providers. Every year, many accidents occur during this time because of the haphazard way these services are maintained, not to mention the unruly behaviour of most people.

The government has taken certain initiatives understanding this serious problem.

Home for the Holidays

Although we have already witnessed some changes in our transportation services, this is not enough. In addition to the government, the private sector should also come up with solutions to reduce the suffering of the people. More importantly, people need to start prioritizing their safety over everything else.

This suffering of the home-going people needs to end, and only a holistic approach from the government, the people, and service providers can make it happen. Home Opinion Op-Ed. Home for the holidays Ashfat Bin Islam. Bring reckless bus drivers to book.

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Roads of death. Bringing discipline to our roads. Give peace a chance. For a complete traffic system overhaul.