Living in Obscurity: Why YOU Matter

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They let their stupid minds take toll, for a while. They didn't have to act normal.

Are You Willing To Live In Obscurity?

No one's normal. I witnessed the obscure humanity. Among them, I can either be a puppet or a nomad, no in betweens. I was a nomad. I could hear none, see none, smell none, speak none, love none, fuck none, hurt none. I was soiled. I let them walk over. I felt nothing of the sort they'd felt. Nothingtofeel nomad stupidity obscurity YQBaba. No matter if you can't be someone's priority. Matter is when you become a hope in someone's obscurity. My baffling emotions refuse to be contained in simple words So obscurity is what I choose to utter.

From the deepest core of his heart a feeling raised Follow us:.

Finding Significance in Obscurity

If you have grown spiritually through reading this daily devotional, would you help us continue to provide this resource by giving a generous gift? Pay close attention to that last sentence. Here is a man he had never met; an obscure desert priest and shepherd, who had spent a lifetime raising sheep and daughters!

Then she gave birth to a son, and he named him Gershom, for he said, "I have been a sojourner in a foreign land" vv. Moses, who would have been in line to marry an exotic Cleopatra-type beauty back in Egypt, settled down with a shepherdess. And when she gave birth to their firstborn, Moses gave him an unusual name: Gershom. It means "a sojourner.

He came into Midian not knowing anyone, not knowing the ropes, not even knowing where he was going to live. But when Jethro said, "Young man, would you like to live with us? I'll live anywhere.

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day: Arnold Bennett on Living a Meaningful Life

Let me ask you directly: Are you willing to be obscure? A servant's mindset will teach you what that attitude is all about.

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To put it in simple terms, in the Body of Christ some people are called to be the toes. Not everyone can be a right hand, an eye, or an ear. You can also follow him on Twitter. Awesome post. If people see value in your comments in a community, then they will click through your link to see what else they can learn from you. Makes me wonder if they liked what I said or thought I was good looking.

And actually was thinking the very same thought last night when I ran across an old article on Buzz. To be honest, though, humans are pretty poor at predicting the future, so my suggestion is to get in it now, play around and if it takes off, you were one of the firsts. No way. Why would people ever visit your own site if your content is mediocre?

Completely agree. Hey Graham, Corbett was a new one for me, so thanks for the tip.

This is something I am constantly pushing my clients to do. But it has to be done! The long term benefits are there if you can stick it out and actually contribute to the conversation. This is one that drives me nuts when I see it. I love commenting on my blog. And how much time did you spend doing this?

Excellent post! I especially like the comment-on-posts point seemed like a good place and time to start. If you want influence you must invest the time. Great stuff!

Like I said, scheduling fifteen minutes here or there throughout the day will get the job done. Let me know how that works out for you, okay? I probably need to reread this post because I basically just skimmed it. However, there were some great points that I want to revisit. The most interesting, that I want to put into use to a higher level is the twitter tip on number 7.

“Without Properties”

I have been looking to get into twitter for the past week and a half. I have not gotten very far, but I feel better about it now that I have read this post. Demian, how much time does it take you to check up on, and promote all of those Twitter followers that followed you back?

Uhm, check up on? Good questions. I use tweet deck and build lists out of categories [friends, writers, humor, etc]] and skim through those columns. Trying, you know, to give a little because Twitter can be a stream of manure. I need the tools to find the gems, if you know what I mean. I need to reload Tweet Deck. Specifically, I like the idea of filtering out the questions and links to use as jumping off points.

What an awesome, useful, and timely post! Online obscurity sucks. Especially if you try your very best to do as Copyblogger says and create quality content, but STILL no one reads your blog yes, I may be referring to myself here. Blogging, like everything takes patience.

The Beauty of Humility in Philippians 2

What makes your blog different from other blogs in your niche? This can help with confidence and also aid in distinguishing your blog from all the other millions of blogs on the internet. Let me confess something: I SO have to fight the temptation to say screw it, throw in the towel and live like a hermit. They worked day in and day out. That takes patience. So yes, keep writing…. You are a model social media darling. Take a stand, point out errors and omissions, show your support but say something more than a few syllables. The temptation is to keep that for ourselves, for our blog.

Every post you write should be A-level—or at least we should give it A-level effort. Does that make sense? I guess it depends on how large your own audience is. The last article on my own blog landed me more emails than some people get from a Copyblogger guest post. I must confess that I was actually taken aback when I read it. Not surprise that, Martyn Chamberlin observed it as well.

Consistently writing great blog posts on your own blog or as a guest blogger elsewhere is a worthy task. The message is still spot on.

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