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This is more important for some businesses than others. If you sell products online, it's essential.

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However, even brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from this approach by letting people order and pre-pay on their mobile phones. You can also sell gift certificates this way. If you're selling items or services online, make the buying process as simple and streamlined as possible for mobile users. Certain social sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, now have "buy" buttons where customers can make purchases without leaving the social site. This hasn't quite caught on yet, but this could very well change. You certainly have nothing to lose by using "buy" buttons where available.

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Aside from this, make sure customers can easily navigate your shopping cart or get to your order page. Test the process frequently and fix any glitches or hiccups. The growth of mobile devices and the rise of social media are two trends that are closely related. People using smartphones and other mobile devices are spending a great deal of their time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. That's why it's essential to cultivate your social media efforts with mobile users in mind. First of all, give your audience the kind of content they really need and appreciate. This will increase the probability of your post gaining organic impressions when users search for more photos based on location.

If you are a small business, one of the best ways to grow your brand in a specific area is to leave a footprint through community activities and social awareness.

Try hosting a fundraiser for a local nonprofit or sponsoring an event in your community. The more active your brand is in a specific location, the more aware the audience will be of your business.

1. Assess Your Readiness for Mobile Marketing

A marketing strategy that emphasizes location data will likely yield a better return than a sweeping communications strategy. If nothing else, this will shed some light into where you may want to invest your marketing resources. After all, great marketing is about getting in front of the right people at the right time. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our.

By Derek Miller. It Helps Generate More Business. Makes Segmentation Easier. Provides a Better Return. Optimize for Local SEO. Geo-Target with PPC. Use Location Tags. There are also other social networks that serve ads to target mobile users like Twitter and eventually, others will follow suit. Using ad serving platforms, the most common of which is Adwords , will get you targeted leads fast. It works similar to Facebook ads, but you will be able to show your ads and banners within apps and websites the user visits.

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Here in the Philippines , one of the more popular apps we use is Looloo. They also have an internal advertising platform. You can use chat apps like Viber or WhatsApp to promote your offers, content or business. WeChat can be useful for finding those nearby and giving them a nudge about your products, and you can make use of their in-app advertising platform as well.

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The best part is that these apps give you a direct connection to your customers. Your customers will appreciate it even more when they receive personal message from you, because at the end of the day, making your customers feel special will always bring in more business to you. And by the way, Twitter is actually pushing to be part of this space now. Search engines, like Google, have already given a guideline on how to improve mobile sites for SEO.

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This means that your site should be responsive or have a mobile site or mobile ready landing page. Building a following with social media also helps in numerous ways, one of which is getting links from bloggers and those active in social media. Usually, the content is styled into lists to make it easier and more interesting for people to read.

And Why Small Businesses Should Care About It

These lists are often so long that it might be difficult for a person to read the article from his mobile phone in standard view. Fortunately, HuffPo has already made its site mobile-friendly, allowing users to catch up on their news with ease. Here in the Philippines, business owners that have encountered SEO in the past still fear it or have a different view of what it actually does.

If you are a business owner new to digital marketing, be sure to sign up above the bar at the top of the screen that follows you around to get our free digital marketing eBook. Mobile marketing is a tool most companies should be quick to look into. It has strong potential to be fairly high-yield despite the modesty of its expense and some forms of it are also a little friendlier to marketers not yet that entrenched in more technical and SEO-heavy aspects of modern promotions.

A Digital Marketing Survival Guide For Small Businesses

That said, mobile marketing is best when integrated into a marketing plan that involves other strategies so do your business a favor and jump in. So how about in your area? Join The Community Today! Entrepreneur, Author, Father. Follow me and Say Hi! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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It gets us a lot of likes and return clients and referrals. There are also those that do regular promotions on Facebook. The most impressive for me is our neighborhood thirdwave cafe. They got our permission during a survey. They used Snapchat to reach us for promotions. They got to talk to us and they connected with us.

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It instantly made loyal customers out of us. They also used Instagram brilliantly. Follow denseymour.