Operation MOM Winning the Mommy Wars

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The Mommy Wars: Dr. Laura on Stay-at-Home Moms

The assault was named Operation Piranha after the dangerous South American fish. In each village that was believed to shelter Vietcong guerillas. Women and children were advised to leave before the attack would commence. The Communists fighters often used women and children as a screen for their operations.

Operation Piranha concluded on 10 September, VC had been killed and enemy and suspected enemy had been captured. Allied losses were two Marines and five South Vietnamese killed.

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The operation failed to wipe out the 1st Viet Cong Regiment the primary target , villagers told the Marines that Vietcong units had been in the area but had left, some less than 24 hours before Operation Piranha had commenced. Intelligence reports later indicated that the 1st VC Regiment began leaving the peninsula on 4 September, coinciding with the increased movement of the amphibious ships at Chu Lai Base Area.

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Any factual error or typo? Good for him. As it happens, Paul Ryan is a most unlikely figure in this fight: As a budget hawk, he has made it his job to crap on families Monday through Friday. As Robin Marty and other feminist writers and advocates have noted , Ryan and his allies have blocked family leave policies, and his own budget proposals cut child-care subsidies. And yet, the uncomfortable fact remains that if Paul Ryan successfully shows the world that the most powerful man in Congress can do the work without scrimping on family duties, more people may demand the structural supports and policy changes required to let all parents do the same.

The Mommy Wars: Dr. Laura on Stay-at-Home Moms

She was promptly trashed in her comments and by a man writing for Gawker. One can only imagine, for instance, what would have been said about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers R-WA if she were seriously considered for this post—whether she brought up family responsibilities and how she planned to juggle them or not, it would have been a major obsession of her caucus and the media. In bringing himself into this sexist fray, Ryan may be bringing us one baby-step closer to loosening rigid gender roles about caregiving.

Note, for example, the reaction of Rep. Mo Brooks R-AL , to the situation.

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The sad fact is that the Mommy Wars are more likely to end when dads are roped in too. It remains to be seen whether Paul Ryan will be a transformative figure within the Mommy Wars.

Just what would happen if more workers—men, women, public officials, corporate big shots, hourly workers—dug in their heels and demanded family time? Though Paul Ryan has an undoubtedly abysmal history where gender and economic equity are concerned, the uncomfortable fact remains that his actions with regard to his personal life may have progressive effects.

The Mommy Wars - Is Stay-at-Home Parenting Worth It?

Indiana Residents Say: Not Likely. Legislative Tracker A searchable database of the laws, people, organizations, and litigation involved in sexual and reproductive health and justice in the United States.