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The story has also been published under the title "The Wind from the Sun" in Clarke's collection of short stories with this title.

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It depicts a yacht race between solar sail spacecraft. John Merton, a spaceship designer, develops and promotes a lightweight spacecraft with a large area of solar sail , to be powered entirely by radiation pressure —the so-called wind from the sun. The sun-yachts start their journey in Earth's orbit, and, pushed simply by sunlight , can achieve a speed of two thousand miles an hour within a day.

The concept leads to the development of the sport of sun-yacht racing, and after several years of refining his ideas, Merton competes in what will be his final race. His hopes for victory rest on the low mass of his craft which he has made possible through advances in automation enabling him to fly it solo. Soon, all but two of the competitors have dropped out, mainly due to damaged craft, and it is a straight race between Merton's craft and Lebedev , entered by a Russian crew from the University of Astrograd.

Although the Lebedev is lagging Merton's yacht, its senior pilot delivers a surprise blow by announcing that he plans to jettison his co-pilot in an escape capsule now that the earlier, navigationally intensive part of the race has finished.

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Merton responds by recalculating his expected margin of victory and realises that the race is now going to be neck-and-neck at the finish line. At this point news arrives of a massive, and potentially deadly, solar flare. The race has to be abandoned, and there is no winner, though Merton abandons his craft with its sail still fully extended in order to ensure that it will be blown into interstellar space.


Donald A. When reviewing the collection, Algis Budrys praised the story as an example of "good, solid science fiction As troubling signs of global cataclysms accelerate, a brother and sister react to their father's desertion and the powerful presence of their mother's new boyfriend. TV-PG 60 min Documentary. Scientists use different means to locate other "earths" throughout space and tell how they do it and what they have found or haven't found. An in-depth British breakdown of how NASA never had the technology to overcome putting a man on on the moon or anywhere further than low orbit from the Apollo moon missions even today with Director: David S.

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Short, Drama, Sci-Fi. When three bunker bound survivors of the solar apocalypse are told that there is only one space aboard a space shuttle fleeing Earth, they must all work out who may ascend and who is left behind. In a world ravaged by the effects of a solar flare, an aimless drifter attempts to find some food and ends up saddled with a new mission and a ragtag group of merry miscreants. A catastrophic solar flare causes a sudden hyper-global warming that changes the conditions of life on Earth. Action, Sci-Fi Announced.

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When a solar flare hits Earth, illuminating the ability to use radio waves, a pilot is left stranded in a foreign country. A billionaire with a hidden agenda has created the means to A disillusioned young man's self-loathing is interrupted by a cataclysmic event with life altering consequences. Director: Thomas C. Mayan gatekeeper advises to make peace with oneself before December 21, NASA predicts solar flares, which cycle every 11 years, to peak in and devastate electronics and halt food Decoded looks into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones and their possible link to Rosicrucianism.

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The Decepticons set up a trap for the Autobots and kidnap Gears. Now, with Gears as his slave, Megatron creates a solar needle in order to steal the sun's energy. But the consequences could be disastrous. TV 45 min Documentary, History.

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But bit by bit scientists are finding maybe One morning in London, and every city and town in the world, the human race wakes up to the most surprising invasion yet: the trees have moved back in. Everywhere, in every land, a forest has grown and taken back the Earth. Coronal mass ejections CMEs are bits of the sun thrown into space. When directed in the direction of earth they are a grave threat to civilization. How the sun's magnetic fields generate TV-PG 44 min Documentary. The Universe is a magnetic minefield. The Sun spits out flares capable of battering life on Earth.

But out there in space lie the true magnetic monsters. As we uncover dangerous megaflares Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi. It's a dark and solar stormy night aboard The Overdrive as Dallas and Robo attempt to discover which one of their new passengers is secretly a murderous cannibal biker in disguise. There are just eight planets in our solar system, but there could be a hundred billion planets in our Milky Way galaxy alone.

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