Solitude Slaying: An Amish Country Murder Mystery (Amish Country Murder Mysteries Book 2)

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Regional mysteries are distinguished in part by the setting being as important as the human characters who inhabit it. But big cities change rapidly, sometimes seem interchangeable, and often have many claimants, whereas the six authors examined here have staked paramount claims to venues as small as Maggody, Ark. In these novels the whole environment is an important shaper of the characters and the action of the novels. These mystery authors are able to focus on a particular area with the precision of a cartographer and the subtlety of a psychologist to create a world that readers from anywhere can recognize.

They probe the divides in their community that are as pronounced or as deeply buried as the geographical faults beneath land and sea.

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And when they also manage to create characters who skillfully navigate that world, they have a series that not only resonates locally or regionally, but that has universal appeal. These six authors, who exemplify the ability to create both a vivid setting and vivid characters, vary tremendously in their approaches. Some use humor, some deal with national boundaries, some with religious issues, but all of them deal with conflicts that arise in conjunction with their setting. Borders—sometimes real, sometimes artificial—separate people in the region and create conflicts.

Steven F. Gaus deals with the psychic borders between the Amish communities of central Ohio and their non-Amish neighbors.

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These authors, despite few commonalities of style, share a deep understanding of the place and the people each of them writes about. I grab every opportunity that comes my way to go anywhere and everywhere in Alaska.

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Likewise P. All six of these authors are attuned to the divisions within their communities and the social and economic shifts that cause or exacerbate tensions, and they often probe these divides in their novels. The seams are still there under that fragile pretense. Rich-on-poor crimes are never as vigorously prosecuted as when the rich is victim and the poor a perpetrator.

Many of the English [non-Amish] folk tolerate them well, but others do not. You see the clash on the highways when an impatient motorist dislikes getting trapped behind a slow buggy. But it shows up elsewhere.

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There is always tension and conflict at the cultural interface, and disputes are common. Havill, whose 18th Posadas County mystery, One Perfect Shot, was published in January by Poisoned Pen, gives an example of the changes and damages wrought by the intrusion of a physical border. It used to be a neighborhood of dirt lanes and apple trees and folks walking to work—on either side of the border. In Kate Shugak, Stabenow has created a character who is ideally constructed to deal with the divisions rife in Alaskan communities.

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Because of this, she is able to cross cultural, geographical, and ethnic divides in a way few of her generation can. All these authors incorporate social issues into their novels, some of which are unique or peculiar in the way they manifest themselves in their region, but which are also universally recognizable in principle. Just let people know we are here if they need us. Are you interested? Everybody was talking about the body found in the nearby field. The young man had taken a shotgun blast to the chest. There was little else to go on.

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By the time Dana returned to the shelter, Fannie had already heard about the body from looking over the daily newspaper. Poor Joseph, they found the man on his farm. When his daughter was murdered all those years ago, he was so upset by the police being there at his farm so much. That seems so long ago. It still makes me so sad. I know they pay very well.

Two of my brothers have leases too. Marriage has really changed you, Dana. It seemed like you used to protest everything. Larry is so different from my first husband Jake and so different from me, but somehow it works.

I still. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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    Summary Murder once again rocks the quiet Amish village of Solitude as the community tries to come to grips with the controversy over deep well gas drilling. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

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    Do you really need to ask? The body of a young man is found in the pond at the Riverfront Dog Park. The murder is caught on camera, but there's confusion as to whom the victim is. Due to the poor lighting and and camera angle, the perp could be any of a number of suspe It has been over a year since a series of mysterious deaths drove pets and their owners from the beautiful Riverfront Dog Park in Greenbanks, PA.

    (Deadly Devotion) Amish Stud - Part 2 of "Maysville Amish Mother Murder Mystery"

    Just as the outlook appears to improve, the former wife of Sheriff Tom Hodges Terry's old love It's Halloween in Greenbanks, PA, and it's all fun and games until an attractive, young and popular member of the community is found brutally murdered at the Riverfront Dog Park. Sasquatch, along with an escapee from a mental institution It is two weeks before Christmas in Greenbanks, PA.

    The joy of the season comes to an abrupt halt when beloved legislator, Angus Harvey, is found dead at the local dog park. The day turns ominous when they discover a crushed body on the ground beneath a tower Joy turns to devastation when Ellen's body is found early one morning at the park just days before her upco It's almost Halloween and the three Solitude sleuths are hiding out at Conneaut Lake, a Pennsylvania resort witht the charm of days gone by.

    As they attempt to fit in and also thwart the plans of two dangerous fugitives vowing to kill them, t The holidays are in full swing in the western Pennsylvania village of Solitude. Then a beloved member of the community dies suddenly and unexpectedly during a sleigh ride to a festively decorated covered bridge. Suspicions and fear abound as the p An African college student spending the summer in Solitude disappears under mysterious circumstances.

    When authorities conclude that no foul play was involved, local sleuths, Dana, Fannie and Sharon, are invited to take a closer look. Their invest When the body of an animal lover and relative of Fannie's is found in the snow near the den of Punxsutawney Phil, Solitude's three sleuths suspect foul play. Their investigation takes many twists and turns as they confront some of their Four lonely and troubled people meet while seeking solace on beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida. They're initially drawn together by their love of shelling on some of the world's finest shelling beaches.

    Their calm is shattered when one o Dana's world is turned upside down when two that she loves most are kidnapped and the ransom demands are nearly two million dollars. Dana's dear friends Fannie and Sharon, try to help her keep it together while also seeking answers to wh A variety of opinion pieces on a variety of subjects in a variety of formats. Lakeside conversations refers to a group of people who for over thirty years have spent many a night sitting around a lakeside cottage and debating their ideas on a wide ar The daughter that Dana gave up for adoption comes back into her life seeking help in finding the killer of the man she loved.

    When a young Amish man from Solitude meets a similar fate, Dana and her Amish friend Fannie fear the deaths are connected Dana's past comes back to haunt her when several mysterious emails arrive from her first husband who she thought died in a plane crash in Vietnam in In addition, two men in black are watching her house and following her movements. At the same time, a tremendous hurricane creates havoc in the Northeast. In trying to repair