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When you meet again, they will match—like two halves of a single soul! Hopefully, this will stop her sleeping with other men. On Life in General: Life is like a big shanty. Everything will be fine so long as everyone sings in harmony. But if someone plays a duff note on the accordion or tries to break-dance at a sensitive bit, then there will be all sorts of trouble, mark my words.

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Because of all the usual politics and petty jealousies rife throughout the literary world, neither of his previous books, The Pirates! Communism is dictatorship - of the "proletariat" - and like every variety of dictatorship is always pressed down on people by dictators at the top - by well-fed dictators like Pierre Trudeau. What Trudeau wants - he says so himself - is power. That's what every Communist wants. In a cafeteria on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, a Member of Parliament, and of the loyal opposition, leans across the table and tells me:. Three years ago, on television, Trudeau was asked which politician in history he most admired.

by Defoe, Gideon

How does a Communist like this get to be Prime Minister of Canada? The Big Switch In , as you will remember, Trudeau had campaigned for the Marxist New Democrats, and had called the Liberals "idiots" and "a spineless herd. Among these ideas was "a politics open to the left.

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It should be understood, they explained, that "a political party is not an end, but a means. He had become a Liberal simply because the Liberals could win and the N. He was frankly using the Liberal Party, in accordance with the Maoist tactics he so admires. The three revolutionaries were elected, shortly after which Prime Minister Lester Pearson appointed Trudeau his Parliamentary Secretary. Politicians and reporters stared at each other. Who is Trudeau? In , Pearson appointed him Minister of Justice.

And in Pearson conveniently retired, opening the way for Lucky Pierre. I realize that what you have already read presses painfully on your limits of belief but the fact is that Pearson is also a Communist. Elizabeth Bentley, the late, former Soviet spy, testified in Executive Session before a Congressional Subcommittee in Washington that "Mike" Pearson had been one of those who passed information to the spy ring. Lester B. Bland and smiling, he tricked the Canadian people, as other Communist traitors have tricked people in country after country.

He concealed his real color by continually mouthing "peace. Could it be that the Conspiracy decided the time had come to make Canada an official Communist state? Early in , Pierre announced his availability. Mike dropped the word that Pierre was his choice. His Communist record was simply ignored. Attempts to discuss it were branded as "hate. Canadian women read instead about his intense masculinity. So blatant was the blackout of Pierre's Communist background that the Calgary Herald refused an anti-Trudeau ad composed of passages from his own writings.

And so complete has been the blackout that in January, , former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, of the Progressive Conservatives - who correspond roughly to our Republicans - demanded an investigation of the government-owned C. There are notable exceptions, of course, such as Peter Worthington and Lubor Zink of the Toronto Telegram, but in his office in Ottawa another Member of Parliament told us that the mass media in Canada are even worse than in the United States - an assertion an American finds hard to believe.

The Liberals controlled Commons, which meant, in the parliamentary system, that he had now become Prime Minister. He dissolved Parliament immediately and called an election. During the campaign no issues were discussed. No program was presented. No questions were resolved.

Marxist T. And in June, , Trudeau was elected.

Our great neighbor now had a Prime Minister with a Communist record more blatant than Castro's. Congressional Record. October 12, , Page E The Rest Of The Ring If you are imposing a totalitarian dictatorship, one of the imperative things you need is government propaganda. Hitler had Joseph Goebbels. Nixon has Spiro Agnew. Trudeau has Jean-Louis Gagnon. Jean-Louis doesn't really need it, because his father, like Pierre's, was also a millionaire.

Who is Jean-Louis Gagnon? He is a frequent commentator on the C. The U. He was also was a writer for La Nation. But La Nation kicked him out for running a Communist cell. The British kicked him out for Communist activities. The French kicked him out of North Africa after the Allied landings. He has now finally found refuge as a Deputy Cabinet Minister. Jean-Louis has been a speaker at many Communist meetings. As you see on Page 14, for instance, he was one of two speakers at a meeting of the Labor Youth Federation - previously known as the Young Communist League.

The other, as you see, was Fred Rose, an officer in G. Soviet military intelligence , who later was convicted and sent to the penitentiary for Soviet espionage. Rose was one of Gagnon's bosses in the Party. You also see on Page 14 the telegram Gagnon sent from Washington to Montreal, May 1, , expressing his adoration of "the great Soviet Union.

Gagnon is therefore also fully qualified to be Canada's Prime Minister. Maybe she was simply bored as a housewife. She has also been involved, he said, with the operation of Camp Beaver in the Laurentians, the Communist Party training camp opened in The head of Information Canada has a very pungent style.

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In a personal letter, Gagnon once wrote:. I believe that we will find ourselves, inevitably, on the same side of the barricades; because, first of all I believe that one day there will be barricades, and finally because I believe that lead bullets , fire and blood will suffice to ensure our agreement Another thing you need if you are imposing a dictatorship is control of the police.

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Isn't everybody? He was once arrested for staging a sit-in outside the office of the Premier of Quebec.

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He has been involved in several pro-Communist fronts. And he has attended Communist meetings behind the Iron Curtain. Like his friend Trudeau, he is a revolutionary. This is the man now running the national police of Canada. Pelletier is now Trudeau's Secretary of State. One of the Members of Parliament quoted earlier also told us that in his opinion Pelletier is,.

It was unnecessary to ask which doctrine he had in mind. Martin has also been a prominent, charter member of the Canadian branch of the Communist Institute of Pacific Relations exposed by a Subcommittee of Congress. One of his old friends is identified Soviet spy Mark Gayn, of the Toronto Star, who left the United States after exposure of his role in the Amerasia spy case.

As you see, the delegation included Roy Davis, later of the C. Juneau is now chairman of the Canadian Radio-Television Commission. Rolland is a Special Assistant in the Prime Minister's office. Trudeau named him Solicitor-General and head of the national police. The Fabian affinity for homosexuality is of course well known. John Maynard Keynes, for instance. The Member leaned toward me, his voice a combination of bitterness and surprise.

By Their Fruit What have these various revolutionaries been doing?

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Trudeau recently began muttering about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He says he wants to make it more "efficient. The freedom-loving freedom lovers at the Universities of Toronto and Montreal, ever alert to a whisper of "police brutality," are no doubt now preparing demonstrations to protest. It is interesting to note that Pierre wants to close up the Security and Intelligence Directorate of the R. Perhaps Pierre's real complaint is that the RC.

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It is unnecessary to wonder whom his civilian intelligence agency would investigate instead. Chairman Pierre is trying to arrange this without the traditional debate before Parliament. Parliaments and Congresses are so inefficient, are they not? Some unenlightened Members might ask embarrassing questions. Indeed, Chairman Pierre is responsible for Bill C, which allows the government arbitrarily to limit debate on Bills before Parliament.

The same thing is happening here, of course, in the attempt to destroy the filibuster in the U. The inspiration apparently is Chairman Mao's Council of Peoples' Commissars, where such problems do not exist.