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WATCH LIVE: Acting intel director Joseph Maguire testifies on Trump whistleblower complaint

This brave individual took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. The whistleblower needs help covering legal expenses. This brave public servant could face retaliation and needs your support.


Donations will only be accepted from U. The whistleblower took a great personal risk to defend our democracy, and did not do this for politics or personal gain. The law is clear--whistleblowers must be permitted to speak to Members of Congress anonymously.

Lawful disclosures are a basic element of oversight and republican governance. They have helped to build this organization from scratch. While Andrew was himself in government, he literally wrote the CIA and Pentagon rules prohibiting retaliation against whistleblowers.

Then, after cooperating with an official investigation into CIA misconduct, he was subject to illegal reprisals and forced out of his job--in violation of the rules that he had written himself! For over 25 years, Mark has represented federal workers in cases involving classified information, including whistleblowing, criminal prosecutions, and security clearance disputes.

If we raise more than we need, Whistleblower Aid will use the money to help more brave whistleblowers stand up to executive overreach.

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This should make clear to all staff what to do if they come across malpractice in the workplace, and encourage individuals to inform someone who is in an appropriate position in the organisation to act. Both employer and worker may have a lot at stake in a whistleblowing scenario, and developing and promoting a clear and robust policy for raising concerns can help to minimise risk. Our Whistleblower helpline is a free confidential helpline, exclusive to CIPD members, which offers you support on whistleblowing matters. Learn about employee voice, its purposes and use, and the benefits it can bring to an organisation and its workforce.

Whistleblower report reveals how far Trump’s dubious ethics have spread

We also look at whistleblowing and creating a speak-up culture. Commonly asked questions on the legal issues relating to whistleblowing in the workplace. Home Knowledge hub People management fundamentals Employment law Whistleblowing. Factsheets Employee voice Learn about employee voice, its purposes and use, and the benefits it can bring to an organisation and its workforce.